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    No setup fees, No Contract, No Commitment. Join the movement and get connected with your current and future customers for FREE.

    Birthday Club

    No cost to you!

    Build goodwill & attract new customers. Automatically send a birthday gift or offer (mobile coupon) to your customers for their birthday.

    Reach Your Existing Customers

    In Real Time!

    Next time you have a special event, sale, promotion, or simply a slow day - you will be able to broadcast to your subscribers in real time. The nominal fee for the broadcast has an incredible return on your investment.


    Connect with New Customers

    Stronger Together!

    Advertise your business including a mobile coupon (if desired) on our monthly (sometimes 2x monthly) broadcasts to your cities entire community. You can also join neighboring city broadcasts if you so desire. Simply the most affordable and impactful advertising you can do.

  • How It Works

    It's easier and more affordable than you think.


    Join the movement by clicking the link above or any of the "Join" buttons on this page and completing the contact form. We will be in touch to answer any questions you may have and to set your business up with your own Birthday Club and unique keyword.




    Build your subscriber base by promoting your Birthday Club and keyword in-store, via social media, and via any other print or digital advertising you are currently doing. We will provide you with some stock graphics customized with your business logo and info.




    Each month the system will automatically send those subscribers with Birthdays the message and gift/offer you have identified.


    When you have a special event, sale, product or promotion to promote you have the ability to broadcast to your subscribers for a nominal fee.



    Every month we will be broadcasting to your entire LOCALperQz community 1 or 2 times a month. You can advertise your business including a mobile coupon. (if desired) You choose the broadcasts you want to join including neighboring cities.

  • What comes first? The Chicken or the Egg?

    This is just the beginning.

    We have plans on bringing much more in the way of interactive marketing campaigns such as contests, sharing rewards, and more to the community. Before we promote this site and the program to your local consumers we need your business involved. Be one of the first five businesses to join from your city/town and your first two Broadcasts are FREE!


    Interested in leading the movement for your community? LOCALperQz and perQify are always looking for local chambers, hyper-local trade organizations or any local business/organization interested in leading the movement in their hometown market. Visit our "Partner" page to learn more.


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